njtr1 0.1 Unreleased

Initial public release

njtr1 0.1.1 2021-04-04

Hotfix to address archival by CRAN, one vignette updated

njtr1 0.2.0 2021-04-20

Support added for downloading historical crash data from 2001 - 2016

Date fields are now automatically parsed for driver DOB and crash date fields using lubridate

get_njtr1() refactored to fail gracefully when internet resources unavailable

New argument added to select only geotagged crash data suitable for mapping (geo = TRUE)

Fix an error that caused coordinates to be unavailable in crash data due to parsing failures

njtr1 0.3.0 2021-05-14

Added new function read_njtr1() for reading offline crash table data. This function supports reading in and cleaning a TXT or ZIP file containing NJTR-1 data.

It is now possible to download data for a specific county by specifying its name in the county argument in get_njtr1(). The default option still downloads data for the entire state.

Added example data for testing package functionality without internet connectivity.

njtr1 0.3.1 2021-06-13

Excess white space is now removed by default for character columns. get_njtr1() has been refactored to utilize read_njtr1() on downloaded files to avoid repetitions in code & better maintainability.

njtr1 (in progress) Unreleased

Fixed an issue with lazydata on Windows

Updates to documentation