zipcodeR 0.3.3 2021-09-22

  • This update vectorizes the zip_distance() function to allow distance calculations between two vectors or columns of ZIP codes. The function now returns a data.frame of the resulting distance calculation.
  • zip_distance() now includes an additional argument, units, which allows selection between miles and meters for distance calculations.

zipcodeR 0.3.2 2021-09-02

  • zip_code_db has been updated.
  • download_zip_data() has been refactored to make data updates more easily accessible and compare against existing data. Data is now directly downloaded from the upstream source and the existing data GitHub repository will no longer be updated.
  • zip_distance() has been updated to allow changing the type of distance calculation performed if specified via the lonlat argument.
  • Citation data is now included with package. If using zipcodeR in a publication, you can obtain citation info by running citation("zipcodeR").
  • Misc updates to documentation and package reference info.

zipcodeR 0.3.1 2021-06-10

  • Hotfix to address a problem for Mac users on the latest R release, the package no longer depends on {udunits2} for the zip_distance() and search_radius() functions.

zipcodeR 0.3.0 2021-04-15

  • Added search_radius() function to allow searching for ZIP codes around a radius of lat / lon coordinates.
  • Added zip_distance() function for calculating the distance between ZIP codes using their centroids.
  • Added geocode_zip() function that returns the lat / lng centroid of a given ZIP code.
  • Added normalize_zip() function for normalizing messy ZIP code input (Contributed by Claus Wilke).
  • The reverse_zipcode() function has been updated to return a blank row for invalid ZIP codes with no matches in the zip code database.
  • The search_ family of functions are now quieter.

zipcodeR 0.2.0 2020-12-12

  • search_county() function now allows for approximate matching of county names using agrep (Andre Mikulec)
  • search_state() is now vectorized and will accept a vector of state abbreviations
  • search_tz() is now vectorized and will accept a vector of timezones
  • zip_code_db has been updated to use latest upstream data
  • Added reverse_zipcode() function for obtaining metadata about a given ZIP code.
  • Added search_cd() function for searching ZIP codes contained within a given congressional district.
  • Added is_zcta() function for testing whether a given ZIP code is a ZIP code tabulation area (ZCTA).
  • Added search_fips() function for searching ZIP codes by state and county FIPS codes.
  • Added get_cd() and search_cd() functions for relating ZIP codes to congressional districts
  • Added the first vignette, “Introduction to zipcodeR”

zipcodeR 0.1.0 2020-09-17

Initial public release, first version accepted by CRAN.